Art & Oppression: Artist's Statement

Marsha Lane Foster

The Hostage Project

I asked women, “What in your life do you feel holds you hostage or prevents you from prospering?” I received many and varied responses, both real and intangible. This project is my way of allowing those women to communicate their pain. The Hostage Project’s goal is for each image to elicit emotion and to draw attention to all types of abuse women endure, exploring the societal and self-imposed ideas responsible for women’s literal and physical bondage.The intention is for the project’s visibility to encourage women to break out of their bonds. Beginning as a statement on domestic violence and growing to include everything that stifles women’s prosperity, ultimately the project encompasses the downtrodden, each and every one of us who has forgotten how to dream. It is not an indictment against anyone, but a depiction of the human condition. The artist hopes to inspire each one of us to overcome what prevents us from prospering and to attain our dreams.

Twelve images, each depicting a woman bound in some fashion but also with a method of escape, invite you to explore your own constraints while empathizing with the feminine station.