Color Cue: Artist's Statement

Catherine Roberts Leach

Color Light and Shadow

I have always been led in my photography by the attraction to color and light, and the variety of shapes and shades that reveal themselves by shadows and between them. 

Color changes dramatically in varying degrees of light and in shade, and that is the big attraction. Sometimes the color shift is a recognizable relation, like a cousin. Other times it loses its familiarity and becomes a stranger to the original, cloaked in black, or even white. All the newly created colorations are dependent on how much light, how much shadow, and they glide through the changes like a merry-go-round. 

Since I shoot only outside, and generally capture architectural scenes and details, there are an infinite number of chances to capture the same scene in a “new light” in a variety of colors, depending on the time of day and time of year. 

But it isn’t only the difference in tone and shade that attracts me to color. New geometric shapes emerge in reflections and shadows and show themselves as intriguing elements, compliments of the moving sun. The scenes created are offspring of color and light, but can be overlooked by the flash of their parents. 

I continue to pursue this dramatic-to-subtle, mutable subject wherever I find it. I rely on the opportune moment and natural light to give me another chance at capture.