Color Cue: Artist's Statement

David Ricci

Edge of Chaos

E D G E O F C H A O S 
LightJet (Type C) and InkJet Prints ranging in size from 17x24” to 48x60

My submission includes selections from my upcoming book, Edge of Chaos which progresses chronologically through a series of projects completed over the past 35 years. The earlier pieces of architectural subjects were photographed in a sparse, formalist vein built on fundamental geometric shapes and strong color combinations. This is followed by a decade-long project photographing recreational sites throughout America in which the work transitions from purely formalist images to an exploration of the kitschy landscapes and the surreal atmosphere that emerges from abandoned amusements parks. The visual vocabulary evolves from minimalist images to ones of extreme intricacy as visual motifs multiply, the structure becomes more intricate and the color palette expands. The remainder of my submission includes images from subsequent bodies of work that employ this compositional approach to explore a broad spectrum of subject matter including scrap metal heaps, building demolitions and dismantled factories to roadside thickets and commercial fishing vessels. 

In all of these photographs the distribution and repetition of colors within the rectangle is carefully considered and fundamental in framing the image.