Color Cue: Artist's Statement

Evgeniya Sterlyagova

Fata Morgana

Digital era brings fashion to the crossing point of consumption and mythology. Fashion neglects the past but makes a good use of retro. Its relevance is of specific nature, it "is not a reference to the present, but an immediate and total recycling… Fashion cobbles together, from one year to the next, what «has been», exercising an enormous combinatory freedom", wrote Jean Baudrillard in his work "Symbolic Exchange and Death". 

The essence of fashion, understood in this way, is quite close to the nature of a digital photo image. Using graphic smartphone apps, I deconstruct fashion photography by superimposing the same photos on each other over and over again. 

Modern digital features allow to process an image very quickly, converting it to an ever-greater extent, making the result farther and farther from the original image. As in the fashion industry, the signified is vague and blurred, similar to the illusionary Fata Morgana. Every new picture not only demonstrates itself pretending to be self-sufficient but at the same time hides the original image.