Color Cue: Artist's Statement

Gurudarshan Khalsa

Visual Language of Healing

I create beautiful images which help activate a person’s imagination and spirit by the magic of Nature’s temples. I take photos of this world and from them create new dimensions of reality, to lead and connect the viewer to a place of greater sustainability and beauty. 

I began this work while I was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Initially, the creative process was a cathartic outlet that brought me peace and soothed my being. Later, I discovered that these pieces helped balance not only my brain but my whole self. If my art’s regenerative properties worked on me, I hoped sharing it would also help heal others. I am dedicating my life to sharing my art to uplift the consciousness of humanity. 

My artwork fuses my upbringing in the Kundalini Yoga tradition with my love of sacred geometry. When I photograph, I am drawn to capture the natural Fibonacci patterns of Mother Earth. Through the worlds I create, I honor the beauty of our planet to remind us that peace and harmony can exist here. The central line of the symmetry for my artwork is a mirror of our own Self, representing the ascending path of Kundalini energy. These pieces contain powers of healing and balance in their visual language.