Conjured Futures: Artist's Statement

Patrick Mcpheron


INVASION | photography | 24x36 

More than anything else I would consider myself a storyteller. I tell my stories through cinematically staged narrative-driven images.

Outside of the basic elements of character, environment, story, and lights… my images would be nothing without color. It is color that sets the tone and enriches each image with life and ultimately is a driving force in the story. It is color that solidifies this retro-futuristic science fiction-filled world. The muted tones of greens and browns in “Tom knew he was in trouble” help set the stage for a stormy demise. The reds and greens in “Dr. Milton Vincent’s lab” help the viewer know this man is diabolical to the core. The myriad of colors that surround poor Joyce as she lays out “In the street” let’s us know something other-worldly happened here. 

The red’s against the blue in “June’s gasp” visually shows us the struggle that is about to ensue. 

Color is as much of a character as Dr. Milton Vincent is a monster.