Conjured Futures: Artist's Statement

Sarah Knobel


Icescapes, Archival Pigment Prints, 20" x 30" 

Icescapes is a series of still-lives made from cheap and accessible materials.  A variety of textures and colors are produced by the use of cheaply made toys, party items, souvenirs, and decorative goods. In all the works, organic materials are used and integrated throughout the plastic synthetic amalgams. 

Items are placed in molds that are then frozen. The striking features become more apparent as the ice structure begins to disintegrate. Photographs are taken during various melting phases of the ice, but only one still image is displayed. 

Each Icescape can be seen as a new object, an artifact or even a landscape. Displayed with a plain white background, the images mimic product photography. This process isolates the objects and removes their sense of scale. There becomes a challenge of perception, which disembodies each material from its known context. 

In addition, the images have a relation to similar temporal materials and commodities used in nature morte still lives that display decay and abundance. But also reference current environmental challenges, such as trash collecting within ocean gyres. Each Icescape displays a possible new natural landscape and futuristic ecosystem.