Conjured Futures: Artist's Statement

Tara Cronin

Synthetic Solutions

This series of blood and powders mixed with Nafion -- a Proton Exchange Membrane commonly used in fuel cells -- and fixed onto a film slide that was directly scanned by an Imacon large format film scanner. These direct scans consist of three substances, Blood from plants, ie Chlorophyll, and Blood from myself. Both of these are mixed with Nafion which both preserves them and gives them unique practical applications. Because chlorophyll is "quantumly coupled" to carbon dioxide, or has a natural electromagnetic attraction to the molecule, the membrane, when exposed to water and the sun can remove carbon dioxide 10 times faster than a natural leaf, when coupled with electricity the rate of removal is up to 100 times faster than in nature. Similarly, my blood, when mixed with Nafion, also removed carbon dioxide, but more importantly, methane from the environment at very low levels. Because iron is naturally coupled to methane, my partner, Ed, hypothesized it would also have a practical application on methane, and since Methane has a far higher contribution to climate change this may be the last stop before an extreme and violent fever from the planet. These membranes were featured in aaas as one potential solution to climate change, although due to lack of funding, and other legal and political disagreements and misunderstandings, these technologies must remain photographic slides.