EXHIBITOR’S CHOICE: Artist's Statement

First Place: Demetris Koilalous

CAESURA \ the duration of a sigh

CAESURA refers to the transitory state of refugees and migrants entering Greece on their way to Europe. Typically CAESURA manifests a silent pause in the middle of a poetic verse, used here metaphorically for a silent break amid two violent periods. My characters stand in front of the camera in a state of transition and uncertainty, on the verge of name and anonymity, suspending between two discontinuous moments in an uncertain and reclusive space. CAESURA does not attempt to provide answers or make a historic statement by exposing the human agony; it rather raises questions about human condition and identity.

EXHIBITOR’S CHOICE: Artist's Statement

Second Place: Mario Lalau


This photo essay is of a manifesto that goes against the pasteurization of the global landscape. What is revealed is what results from the substrate of human relations, the pacts of conviviality, the silent social and behavioral rules. These chance encounters between form and meaning, objects and utilities, logic and deviations, nature and culture, that the artist stumbles upon, generates a plethora of sculptural events which together create a precise chronicle of the contemporary man's theater of customs. An oblique way of seeing that can activate a decisive critique about our days pulling from the unusual and humor.

EXHIBITOR’S CHOICE: Artist's Statement

Third Place: Joan Alvado

Cuban Muslims, Tropical Faith

Although it is widely unknown, the number of Cubans embracing Islam has constantly increased in recent years. With a current population around 3,000, Cuban Muslims are present in La Habana and many other provinces.

Why is a Muslim community born in the middle of a Socialist Caribbean Island?

"Cuban Muslims" is not aiming to give closed answers, but provide clues for reflection. This project aims to create an innovative approach about both Islam and Cuba, by delving into one of the most unique Muslim communities worldwide. The goal is to break visual stereotypes, questioning issues like identity, faith and traditions.

EXHIBITOR’S CHOICE: Juror's Statement

Krzystof Candrowicz

Artistic director of Hamburg Triennial of Photography

Open calls mean diversity. Open calls made the photography world more inclusive. Open calls gave opportunities for artists to be visible and for curators to discover outstanding work. The submission procedure itself is rather technical, but on both sides of this process people are behind it. Therefore preparing a proper portfolio and final curator’s choice make this practice so human. Selection is our daily life. We are natural born curators.

I feel thankful for being a part of the Choice Awards. It’s a way to discover new works, waves and tendencies. On the one hand going through hundreds of applications and mixtures of all kinds of projects can be a challenging practice but for me it’s first of all a very absorbing activity that opens a way to discover and understand other perspectives.

This time I noticed there was a strong focus on social, economic and environmental changes in society. I observed that more and more projects were kind of personal statements about the current global situation. Consequently I have chosen three bodies of work that provided evidence of and a comment on certain issues of importance that are found in society. I’m satisfied that photography as a technology and medium remains transparent and the main focus goes to process observation, recognition and interpretation.