Artist's Statement

Tara Cronin

In this project, titled “Haruspicy,” I continue from my earlier 2015-2016 project “Archetypal” which, together will culminate in a third undertaking of a collaboration with my partner, who is working on a translation of Hieroglyphic texts as well as expounding on the equations of electromagnetic levitation called the radiative force. Beginning with 4x5 Black and White negative film, I then scan, print via archival pigment printer, and draw directly onto the print. Materials are important to my process and in this work I use my blood [ sterile & fixed ], and pencil, to reference ideas of language and writing systems both with our writing tools as well the “language” of life we all share which is the lifesource coursing through our bodies. Each subject is one survey of the many ways an ancient Diviner or Haruspex, or in today's era, a fortune teller, might find meaning in seeming chaos. This can be looking at entrails, patterns in fallen bones, or leaves in the wind. A most interesting way we found meaning in systems is from those not fully developed. This is one way we listen to the instinctive guidelines we already have within us. The development of language and writing systems is fascinating as we began by drawing experiences from nature surrounding us. This then progressed into pictorial or also symbolic languages. The practice of Haruspicy is like a link between the languages we currently use, and the ones we’ve lost yet need only listen carefully to hear for the guidance we often ask for throughout a lifetime. Final unframed dimensions are 17x22” and each piece is unique.