Color Cue: Artist's Statement

Matthew Ford


The Polychromatic portfolio is based on the theory of Color Therapy. My goal is to represent this through photography. In this particular body of work I have used the computer to help enhance the imagery. I photographed things from butterflies to bird feathers and crystals and combined the images with colored light gathered through prisms and a beam splitter. The images were then heavily filtered in the computer to achieve the desired results. Although very graphic in nature these images were all created through photography. 

Certain colors have been proven to effectively help people with their emotions, this awareness dating back to Avicenna, the Arab philosopher of the early Middle ages. My work follows the research of Edwin Babbitt (1828-1905) and his book The Principles Of Light And Color, The Classic Study Of The Healing Power Of Color, edited and Annotated by Faber Birren. The Citadel Press 1967. His work examines chromatic harmony of gradation and contrast, and how chromatic colors placed opposite those which form a chemical affinity with them. An example of this being the colors yellow green, yellow orange, and orange being (animating to the nerves), while opposite colors dark violet, violet and violet indigo are( soothing to the nerves) He studied the color components of atoms with influx and efflux ethers passing through a ligo tube. 

I feel this body of work will evoke a sense of peace, harmony and playfulness that lends itself towards healing through color. It is my intention to create imagery that is vibrant, and engaging and will enlighten a viewers daily life with lightheartedness and inspiration. The abstract non-representational images I present have the power to do all these things as well as provide entertainment by showing the viewer a combination of endless color, form, vibration and movement. It is my hope that you will find the colors and imagery contemplative and therapeutically pleasing. 

Polychromatic and The Healing Powers of Color.