Color Cue: Artist's Statement

Natalja Kent

Movement Artifact, Series 1

Unique Chromogenic Prints 2018 

In total darkness  the body allows an expansion of consciousness  into infinite proportion.  Allowing this expansion,  without bounds of structure,  form or body opens one up into infinite space-consciousness.  We are nested in the Milky Way,  we are floating in dark matter,  we are connecting with all unsensed dimensions.  In this infinite space I call to ancient practices  of movement, resonation, sound and light.  With these expanding mediums  I call to the unknown,  making space and time for such forces.  These forces move me, guide me,  articulate a gesture.  In the void of complete darkness,  a performance is manifested.  All of this above and around a light sensitive paper.  A call to the chromogenic paper and the performance to meet in materiality.  An index, an artifact is fixed on the page  through the processor, also a movement in the darkness.  What arises is a portal.  This opening floats beyond perceived space,  through the walls on which they appear to be fixed.  They move and shift with perception.  They are a question  and an apparition.