Artist's Statement

Camilla Anne Jerome

‘I am Evidence’ is an autobiographical series that began as an investigation of my place as the youngest child by ten years. Searching through family photos, I felt like an outlier; time had made me an outlier. Their blood ran through my veins and I colored my hair blonde just like my Mum and Sister but none of this quelled the raging sea inside me.

It wasn’t until June of 2014, when standing in front of nurses in the Beverly Hospital Emergency Room did I hear my Mother admit she was an alcoholic.

At this point I had been photographing our family for three years and they never asked me to stop. Photography became my coping mechanism and with that came the realization that I am an adult child of two alcoholic parents.

The sun rises earlier and sets later upon the house that encases their insular existence. The inevitable has caught me in an in-between moment of looming tension; nothing is wrong and nothing is quite right. Our skin is marked with creases, cuts, and blemishes that will heal and regenerate but the permanence of their presence rests with me, as I am evidence.