Artist's Statement

Mimi Haddon

My materials reference clothing and costume, but through play on scale, function and effect, I look to remove the human body as the ultimate participant. By creating situations that allow morphing of shapes and relationships, I want to inspire the notion of the ephemeral and the possibility of flux that lies within a seemingly fixed situation.

The act of assembling the objects that I create is a dance of sorts. Whether the motion is with the hands or the full body depends on the nature of the project. The repetitive action becomes a rhythm that allows the space for meditation and reflection. This motion also allows for the materials being used to have their own voice or at least have an active role in the creative process and eventual outcome.

In my recent series, Talmasque, I create fabric sculptures inspired by fictional female shamanic characters. They are influenced by the notion of the visible vs. invisible and pushing the inanimate into the animate. These fleeting visitations are as much about material and composition as they are about the light that shapes them.