Artist's Statement

Ken Weingart

Motel Stories is a glimpse inside the American underbelly of the universe: desperation, joy, hidden yearnings and fears. It reflects contemporary society’s insatiable appetite for voyeuristic entertainment. American motels are a metaphor for the possibility of isolation, desperation and uncertainty.

My motivation is to provoke, and provide catharsis to the unloved and misunderstood. As the universe hurls some of us into perilous and confounding situations, our souls often get trampled and battered.

For Motel Stories I decided to shoot with more than just a digital SLR. I chose two 4x5 Sinar film bodies and lenses because these cameras capture the special mystique of classic film quality.

Motel Stories was captured in hard light without diffusion. That light is less about perfection and more about grabbing the mercurial shining of intimate moments. This series deals with hopes, fantasies, loneliness, and dreams. The characters and subjects are real people I know who are telling me their real stories.