Artist's Statement

Daisuke Takakura

"Okay, this is the end."
"Is this really OK?"
"It is very good"
"It is not special, but there is no time, so let's finish it."
"Anyway, are you hungry?"

When I think about something, I am there who has completely different opinions on it.
At the same time, some of them are thinking completely different things.
People have diverse aspects, that at the same time they have the potential.
I am my own story that I have chosen from a variety of myself.
Human being full of such diversity and possibility is comical and loveable again.

The "monodramatic" series is a series of photographic works in which authors engaged in theater and design express themselves with the multifacetedness and possibilities of people, suppressed emotions, etc. by means of hints inspired by . The model is an actor etc. mainly, those who can communicate with "themselves inside themselves". The artist hears from the model before shooting and reconstructs the story of the work from the episode heard from the model. It shoots with directing as if to make an improvised drama based on it, and finally composes the photographed images digitally and makes it a single picture. Each layer is combined by theatricality, and one story appears by becoming a single picture.

In addition, as a derivative series, there is a series of "loose polyhedron" which further approached the subject from "monodramatic", expressing , and also trying to show further expansion to the story by seeing it together.