Artist's Statement

Liz Steketee

I keep a daily photo diary to document my family and my life.
As with many diaries, the process provides memory, understanding, and quiet expression
in a complex and fast moving world.
With this imagery, I cut, rip, reorder, and deconstruct prints.
I then, reassemble deconstructed image parts using thread.
This process allows me to reimagine memories,
challenge what I see and feel, and pull together experiences into one representation.
I am not tied to precise chronology or a linear train of thought.
I find life’s experiences to be a combination of independent,
non-linear moments that we construct into memories.
I question what part of memory is the image we take and what is in our mind.
I consider memory a fluid construct, ever changing and growing.
I composite my imagery in a manner that reflects this notion.

Red thread binds the content.
Red for the blood, anger, and love found in the everyday.
A varnish congeals the images together in one sculptural entity.
What is memory and what is photograph?
For me they collide and act as one.