Artist's Statement

Kevin Mooney

366247•2012 is a time-based piece, rooted in still photography, and can be presented as a video or video projection installation. The more than 256,000 still images, presented as a photographic stop-motion animation, allow the viewer to witness my day-to-day routines, the same acts that everyone engages in on a regular or daily basis.

Time. How do you perceive it? Is it fleeting or does it seem to go on forever? When did you first become aware of “time”? Do the minutes, hours, days blend together? Are the memories of events just as vivid now as when they actually occurred? Do memories play a significant role in what time means to you?

Where does the “time” go? Is it measured in the outcomes of our daily routines or in the singular outliers, the spectacular moments that occur irregularly and unexpectedly? This piece reveals my regimented routines over the course of a single year. When interacting with the piece, these routines become patterns. When the patterns change, the viewer is left to consider the reason why.

The images presented are my visual memories of events. In watching the piece, viewers have the opportunity to consider the past and the future simultaneously, to see the outcome before the event has actually occurred. The entire year (2012) is presented as a grid, with each image representing a day in each month of the year, starting at approximately midnight on the first day of each month and continuing to the final day of the month. From left to right, January through December is presented in its entirety until each fades into darkness. By de-constructing how a visual representation of a year is normally presented, the viewer visits an abstract representation of that year. Ultimately, a year of my life is presented in an hour, offering the viewer an opportunity to participate and find meaning in my mundane activities while simultaneously reexamining their own unrecognized minutes, hours and days.